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25th-May-2009 08:26 am - Daifuku <3

My latest fav food XD. It's daifuku, a traditional Japanese rice cake. In the picture it's red bean paste filling, but I prefer with chocolate or black sesame ones. But since it's not local food, and quite rare...it's kinda expensive. RM2.80 per pack, which makes it RM0.70 per piece. I tried looking up the recipe in the internet, it's quite easy 8DDDD. Makes mental note to make it next week.

And congrat for KAT-TUN for (maybe) making their way to Guinness Book of Records. Words can't express how proud I am of them <3

....I'm late for work...
13th-Apr-2009 10:49 pm(no subject)
*1 6,329 alan


If this is a dream, please don't wake me up XD

Though the single sales overall is weak, getting no 1 even for daily is quite an achievement itself.
24th-Mar-2009 11:19 pm - Takoyaki is evil…
I’m totally bad with money. Never once in my life I managed to stay within a budget.

This month I’ve counted how much money left I can spend in order to survive till the end of the month. So far I managed to follow it.

Until yesterday.

I suddenly had a crave for takoyaki (and that thing priced RM4.30 for 3 pieces for goodness sake!). And that night I have class (I teach tuition for my neighbour’s daughter). Despite knowing that I’m in a hurry, I made a stop at Jusco, ordered the damn octopus, and even found my way to Big Apple (fyi, it was 2 pieces of donut. TWO!). Then in order to be home on time for tuition, I took taxi. Needless to say, my budget for the month strayed way off, not to mention my diet was ruined with those donuts.

Seriously…my priorities in life are messed up.


On the other hand...

w00t! KAT-TUN new album <33333

I know one is coming soon, since so far that's what they do, releasing an album prior to their concert. I'm so looking forward to the solos especially <3
25th-Feb-2009 12:09 pm - How are you?!
Surprise! Surprise! I'm still alive! lol...

Yeah...but there's a change in my life recently, and I've been trying to get used to it. You see, in July I'm starting my study in UTM, KL. So in the meanwhile, I moved in to my brother's house, in Hulu Kelang, so that I can find work here. It's easier compared to if I work in my hometown, I'll need to quit job to come here eventually. So for the 1st couple of weeks, and still now, tercangak-cangak lagi kat kawasan KL nih. I found a job (which only one week ago)...And only just now I got my internet connection in my room, so yay. Now I've caught up to most of the thing in my life, I need to catch up with other things as well? Like...apa khabar kcs? I'm really embarassed right now *blushed*, menghilang diri mcm tu je. I wonder if my name is still in the list and I'm still accepted in the organization? From the bottom of my heart...I'm really sorry. I've got no excuse other than the lame ones above T_T

On a brighter note, let's watch Geli, mat! lol, my brother showed it after we watched Raja Lawak last week (if I hadn't live in his house~he doesn't subscribe to that many astro channel, I wouldn't have watched it XD).

:warning: The joke can only be understood by people who understand malay language^^

22nd-Jan-2009 03:43 pm(no subject)
The other day I thought to myself "A~ah, I need to reduce my deep-fried food intake. I've gained weight again". But then I realized I was holding pisang goreng* in my hand.

Who in the world made a resolution while breaking it at the same time?

*I don't know the english name for it(does it even have one?), "fried banana"?. It's banana coated with flour and...deep-fried of course.
12th-Jan-2009 11:10 pm - croquette!!!
I tried making croquette the other day! lol. Not exactly the original shape, but it's too bothersome to do that. It's easier just to make it into small rounded shape like that. And I couldn't find my blender :p, so I made the bread crumbs using knife. That's why they didn't...look pretty Xp. But they're quite delicious <3. I tried it again with blender, it looked smoother, but no camera at that time...too bad.

lol...how much more Japanified can I be?
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